Pokemon halloween
I decided to do a post of images regarding pokemon halloween. Hope you enjoy! Caution: very image heavy of pokemon cuteness! Literally dying of adorableness at this very second!

Doesn't pickachu look adorable in his skeleton costume along with Buneary's cute pumpkin?

POkemon Halloween
          Drifting through the clouds and flying in
the moon's reflection at a distance..... Pichu's too adorable on a flying
broomstick! ^o^

   Love the design for pokemon halloween  
   2009, dark pokemon and pumpkins 
   combined. A nightmare come true!

Cute Aipom
First Post:
This is my first post so I'll just write what comes to heart. Aipom, aipom, aipom.....that's all I can think of! Aipom is my favorite pokemon because he resembles a rascal yet cute purple monkey. Don't you think a purple monkey would be cool in reality?

Don't you love the color of my font?
It matches the color of aipom.....^o^


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